Thursday, October 09, 2008

finally on a bike

Well, the bike made it and we're out riding the ring of Kerry. This will be a short update as I'm at the local "internet shop" which is the back room of the information center that happened to have a computer... Welcome to Caherciveen Ireland!

The first day of riding was great, sunny and warm. Surprizingly warm! So far the second day has been much more irish. We arrived at our destination soaked to the core. Still not too cold though, so that's nice.

The bike took a beating on the trip over with lots of paint damage and a couple of tubes damaged enough that I'll have to replace them when I get back. But it's still quite functional and seems to be doing alright lugging all our crap around. It feels a bit slower than I thought, but that's mostly due to my lack of riding before we left. I think we have a bit more gear than I figured too, but we're making progress!

That's all for now, but Kate uploaded more pics at her site here


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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your back on your horse. Ride 'em cowboy.