Sunday, October 30, 2011

get fit!

For anyone curious, the 953 road frame is still available, and if you're interested, but don't like the subtle etched logos, I can also update it with my Team-issue decals (orange panels).

I've also got a brand new Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer (in the box) with the pivoting front wheel stand as well.  I bought it last year, but never used it (i'd rather be out xc-skiing) and it's just collecting dust.  These are about as good as a trainer gets, the Rock and roll let's you get out of the saddle and rock the bike on the trainer.
$375 take it home.  This one is probably best for local pick-up, but I can ship it if you like.

And if anyone local is interested I've got a Nordic Track ski machine that's free to a good home.  Works great.

Just in time for winter!


Sunday, October 02, 2011

used 953 frame for sale!

Well, the great sell-off has been incredibly successful, so I'm listing a frame here for a customer.  This is a rare chance to get a 953 stainless steel frame today with no wait!  Attitude blog readers will recognize this frame as it originally belonged to me.  It currently belongs to a customer and he's looking to sell the frame, fork, headset and seatpost. (I put pictures of the complete bike for reference only).  He's looking for $1600 for the package, which is an incredible deal.

This is a 58 x 58cm frame.  100% 953 tubing with a lot of special details.  Custom carved slant six lugs with "B" logo carved into the headlug.  Top-tube is round-oval-round.  The seatstay attachment is very unique, fastback style with a hidden binder all bare stainless.  Tubing is double oversize with 19mm seatstays. This frame is on the stiffer side for 953 as it's early tubing and the wall thickness was slightly over spec.  Very good for a rider 170-220 lbs.

The frame is currently in my shop and I can send you detailed pictures of anything you like.  There are a couple of scuffs on the drive side seatstay, but nothing serious.  I can probably rub them out before shipping. 

The fork is a Reynolds Ouzo pro carbon in nearly perfect condition.  Seatpost is Reynolds Ouzo comp carbon post in very good condition.  Headset is cane creek S-60, works perfectly.  If a buyer would like a complete bike, I can certainly provide a build package and assemble the bike.

In other news, I just finished another stainless steel frame and 2 more africa bikes.  The big news is that the africa bikes are no longer secret, so looks for pics here soon and blatant pleas for donations to keep the project moving! 


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

more sellin'

Well the 29'er went fast once I got it painted.  So I figured I'd post a bit more and let you know I'll have a 58cm 953 frame posted here real soon.  It's used, belongs to a customer, but he's looking to sell, details soon.

 Here's some other stuff, some is already listed on ebay, some will be going on this week.

 Campy Record 175 cranks with rings.  Cranks are pretty shoe scuffed but perfectly funtional.  Rings are good.  $60
 Sampson Road cranks, 175mm & BB.  Cranks are used but spectacular condition.  Really, really shiny and beautiful.  You wont find a nicer example of cool cnc vintage cranks.  Threads and tapers are perfect.  BB is brand new sealed cartridge type, 86mm english thread. $150
Cinelli LUX stem, Brand new, ti grey finish.  90mm x 0 degree, 31.8mm clamps on both ends.  $20
 Reynolds Ouzo Race stem, lightly used 105mm x 5 degree, 31.8 clamps both ends.  $25

 Race Face Cadence stem, Brand new, 70mm x 5 degree.  31.8 clamps both ends  $15
 Race Face Dues stem, Brand new,  130mm x 5 degree, polished, really nice!  $20

 Ritchey Classic Stem, New In Box.  90mm x 6 degree, truly beautiful!  31.8mm clamps both ends.  $50

 Truvative 104mm Tange Techno Glide carbon fiber headset.  Used but very nice, sealed bearings, very smooth, really cool looking.  $45

bcd chainrings.  44, 32, 22t brand new, taken off a Noir crank. $40/set

Race Face 36t chainring, New in Box.  ramped and pinned, very nice $25
 IRD-Shimano 10 speed cassette, brand new 11-23 fits any shimano freehub.  Great deal $25
 IRD Alpina F front derailleur, brand new.  31.8 clamp.  $15

 Truvative GPX BB, english thread, fits 68 or 73mm shells.  Fits any GPX crank.  used  $15
 Shimano UN54 BB, Brand new in box  68 x 107mm, english thread $20
 Brand new singlespeed cassette hub.  32 hole, 135mm silver, not sure of brand, but nice sealed bearings.  I will throw in a cog as well from a large selection of sizes.  $25
 Control Tech canti brakes.  used, but good shape.  All parts are included, this is a full bikes' worth.  Super light, super trick from back in the day.  I've been harding these for a while because I love 'em, but I've got enough high end canti's to hold me over.  Won't even charge extra for the picture being upside down!
 Modolo speedy-flash brake kit.  There's lots in here if you're an modolo guy!  it's been sitting a while but still chock full o parts.  How about $35?
XTR-952 cranks.  175mm, used, but good shape.  there's some flaking of the anno around the pedal holes but it's only cosmetic. threads and splines are great.  46t ring/spider included.  I bought these to polish them out, but never got around to it.  $60 or if you want them polished $125.

I also have a spare used (but good good shape) 46t ring for these that I'll sell for $20

Brand new Camelbak Mule NV 100oz, green.  Still has tags on it, I won it last year but I've already got 3 camelbaks.  Don't need 4.  $60 takes it, it's $100 new.

Non-bike type stuff:  Astute readers will know I recently sold my jetta and I've ordered a new car. But won't need to move any of the car stereo to the new car, so here's some of what I have.  I'd be happy to make a package deal on any or all of this.

JL Audio 10W6 drive and custom made enclosure to fit in the under-trunk compartment of a 1999-2005 Jetta.  It'll fit in any jetta of that era and be totally hidden under the trunk floor.  Or at this price just buy it for the driver and make your own box for your car. sounds incredible. $150.

Alpine CDA-9885 Cd/MP3 receiver with Alpine Full Speed Ahead Ipod contol cable and Alpine Tua- T500HD HD radio receiver.  This thing will do it all, CD, mp3, ipod, HD radio, satellite radio, bluetooth. Allow you to control ipod from the receiver, so you can leave your ipod in the glove box safely hidden.  6 pre-amp outputs.  HD radio is great in the cities, lots of stations and lots of multicast stations in our area.  $250 takes the whole pacakge

MTX Thunder 4325 4 channel amp.  Very, very nice high-current amp from back in the day.  Performance certificate from the factory shows the actual measured output. I had 2 channels bridged running the sub and 2 channels running my front component speakers.  The sound is amazing.  $250

Alpine CDA 7832.  Older and has been sitting in my basement for a few years.  I did power it up and everything seems to work fine.  6 preamp outputs, all 4v!  CD, changer control, can run an ipod with available alpine ai-net connection cord.  Really nice, just older model.  $60

Audiosource AMP1 80w x 2 channel home amplifier.  Again, older model, which has the cool meters on it (new version got rid of these).  Works great, can be bridged to 200w mono use if you want to run a home theater sub with it.  $85

That's what I have for today, heck let me know if you need something I might have it laying around....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

29'er going on the 'bay

It's painted and heading to ebay.  Last chance (I hope) to grab this one.  It's a great dark grey pearl paint which really pops in the sun.  Decals are black with gold outline to match the gold lettering on the Raceface Duece seatpost which is included.   I can also change the decals to the orange Kenwood team panel style, which would look great on that grey paint.  Last chance price is $1100

This is a brand new frame, 29'er, 20" seat-tube, 24.3" effective top-tube, suspension corrected for 80mm fork, Rohloff sliding dropouts, disc brake.  Race Face Duece Seatpost is included.

It will be listed on ebay today so act fast, or feel free to bid on the auction.

 In the sunlight the paint really sparkles! 

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

clean out

Too much stuff around the shop still and not enough cash.  Things are going on ebay this week, but here's the listing incase anyone want's anything before the auction block.  Email me for pictures of anything, there's too much here for me to post pics of everything.

Sampson Stratic's cranks & BB, used but these are about as close to brand new as you'll find for vintage cranks.  Polished finish, 175mm, 130mm bcd.  BB is brand new sinz 118mm.  I had these slated for a bike project, but they've been sitting around for a few years now.  email for pics, they're truly beautiful!  $150, or $175 with used (but nice) shimano 53-39 rings.

Campy Record 175mm alloy cranks with rings.  These are well used, perfectly functional, but lots of shoe marks.  The rings are worth the price alone $60

XTR 952 cranks, used good shape but some cosmetic marks around pedal eye.  With 46t big ring/spider installed: $65

Brand new Sanyo dynamo hub with used B & M lumotec halogen headlamp.  the wiring needs some radio-shack type plugs to make the lamp fit the hub, but that's easy.  $100 get's both

UN54 BB 68 x 107, brand new in the box  $18
Ritchey Classic stem, beautiful polished finish, new in box 90mm x 6 degree $50
Race face Duece stem, polished, brand new, 130mm x 5 degree, 31.8 clamps $20
Race face Cadence stem, black, brand new 70mm x 5 degree, 31.8 clamps $15
Reynolds Ouzo Race stem, black, lightly used, really light  105mm x 5 degree  $25
Cinelli Lux stem, gray, new, 90mm x 5 degree  $20
Tange carbon fiber headset 1 1/8" threadless, lightly used, great shape $50
Truvative GPX BB, english, used but good $15
Truvative chainrings, 104mm bcd, 44, 32, 22t all brand new, taken off Noir cranks $45/set
Raceface chainring 104mm bcd, 36t silver, brand new in the package  $25
Rennen singlespeed chainring, 34t, 104mm bcd, new in package, $30
XTR 952 chainring, 46t with spider, used but these are getting rare and has lots of life left $25
IRD 10 speed cassette, shimano compatible, brand new, 11-23    $25
Dia-compe 987 cantilever brakes.  A full bike's worth with pads.  Black, used  $25
Control Tech canti brakes, black.  Fully machined, super light, super nice, used but like new.  This is a full bike's worth with hangers and all parts.  Really rare, really nice $125 takes them all.
Singlespeed hub, not sure of the brand but it's a silver 32 hole cassette hub, shimano spline.  Looks brand new, bearings are smooth.  $30

Again, email for pics or details.  better pricing if you want a few items, save me the hassle of listing all this stuff on ebay!



Wednesday, August 03, 2011

stainless, lots of it.

Finally finished another stainless one. Tubing delivery has been terrible, I'm trying KVA next folks. This one has a stainless fork to match and a PF30 BB shell made from scratch.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

buy stuff!

Hey, 29'er frame is still for sale. I'd really prefer to sell it so I can pay my insurance this year so how about $1000 out the door? any takers, that's a steal!

Also, I updated my web store a little bit and there's a sale!


Wednesday, June 01, 2011

every 6 months

I should make a blog post every 6 months whether I need it or not....

Yeah, I'm still kickin' just not writtin'. Still building bikes too, but lately it's been really focused on the Africa bike project. There's 2 reasons for that, first off, Reynolds is killing me on delivering 953, and all my next frames in the que are stainless, and the africa bike is really cool. I wish I could post pics, but it's still under wraps. I'm on revision 3 of the protoyping now.

Here's some pics I can show though, a repaint I just finished, patina'd copper!

It's mighty unique.

In other news, I'm swamped. Not just with bike stuff, but with life. And to be honest almost everything related to bikes has become very difficult this spring. I tore a few ligaments in Feb in a snowboarding accident and my ankle just hasn't healed. So I've been off the bike for a while and it's getting to me.

The short version is I've decided to stop taking orders for a while. I have a huge backlog and I need to work through it. So if you inquire I'm probably going to point you to someone else. I'm still doing couplers and other jobs, but I just can't take on more frames until I get through some of my backlog.

out for now.