Thursday, October 23, 2014

Carving some progress

Been working on a women's style frame with custom lug carving and S&S couplers. It's gonna be a beaut!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

tired legs

It's been a while since I truly felt like my legs were worked over from riding, but this spring has actually been pretty good for riding.  Got in my first round trip commute to work yesterday (3 hours round trip) and about 2 hours of fighting 25 mph headwinds Monday.  I'm spent, but it feels good to know the legs are still there.

I would tell you what I've got going on in the shop, but it's top secret, so sorry.  Did squeeze in a coupler retrofit this weekend though.  

Got a few things left over what could use a new home, let me know if anyone's interested:

Oakley M-frame Pro glasses.  I've got quite a few different lenses for these and can sell you what you like.  These are used, but in good shape, maybe $75 depending on what lens(es) you want

Oakley Fuel Cell Glasses, brand new in the box 

I got these as a gift, but they're just too big for my skinny face.  Really nice, I think they're around $120-150 online, how about $75

Brooks B-17 Special, brand new in the box.  Copper rivets and copper plated rails.  $125

Monday, March 17, 2014

Rando ready to roll

 Nitto mini-front rack with Nitto Decaleur just waiting for a bag!

Rene Singer lugs all around

Diacompe 610 centerpulls for lots of tire clearance

Custom made light mount for the Leyzene headlamp

Custom integrated tail light/fender strut mount

Monday, February 10, 2014

More rando pics

Just about done with this rando frame.  Here's my mock up of the front rack to locate the braze-on's 

Reaming and facing the head tube. I prefer to do this on my lathe, it's much easier, faster, and accurate. I turn the crown race on the large as well. 

Head tube end if things

Rear brake bridge area, I like single arm cable hangers even though they're more labor to make properly. Added a stainless "B" to the brake bridge as well. 

Seat tube is all reamed and lug is cleaned up. Just have some finish sanding left, then off to paint. 

Overall frame with front end mocked up. This pic was taken prior to lug cleanup. 

Monday, January 06, 2014

Rando part 2

Dropouts with double eyelets added and dry fit to chain stays. 

Scallops brazed in and filed flush on top of seatstays. I prefer this classic method for finishing seatstays. 

It's starting to look like a frame. Brake bridge installed. 

Crown getting prepped. 

Now if it would just warm up I could get more done. My shop heat is having a hard time keeping up with the -25 degree weather. It was 45 in there today, I think it's time for a supplemental heat source!