Thursday, June 24, 2010


Things have been going, and going fast around here. Lots going on, it seems I never have time to write here much but rest assured the bikes are still being made. In fact, here's one I've had under wraps:

Just finished up building a handcycle for a great customer. Now don't go thinking I'll make you one, this was a special circumstance and I have no intention of building any more. I'll try to get some pics of it tonight.

My biggest project lately is one I can't really disclose a lot about. But here's the gist. I'm working with a non-profit to design and built the protoypes of a cargo bike that will be manufactured in Tanzania. We're actually going to be building a factory over there to employ locals to produce this product for locals. The overall plan and concept is spectacularly logical, which is why I'm supporting it. Unfortunately it take a lot of my time right now, but so far it hasn't really interrupted my regular production que.

We have the first prototype just about complete now and I wish I could post pictures as it's awesome! But those will have to wait until the official release. Now in the meantime I figured I'd let you know that most of the profits generated by BBC this year will be going towards this project in one way or another. Whether it's purchasing raw materials, components, or hopefully sending me to Tanzania for product testing, your money is by in large going to support a great cause.

For more info on the non-profit, take a look here:

anyways, that's all for now