Wednesday, June 01, 2011

every 6 months

I should make a blog post every 6 months whether I need it or not....

Yeah, I'm still kickin' just not writtin'. Still building bikes too, but lately it's been really focused on the Africa bike project. There's 2 reasons for that, first off, Reynolds is killing me on delivering 953, and all my next frames in the que are stainless, and the africa bike is really cool. I wish I could post pics, but it's still under wraps. I'm on revision 3 of the protoyping now.

Here's some pics I can show though, a repaint I just finished, patina'd copper!

It's mighty unique.

In other news, I'm swamped. Not just with bike stuff, but with life. And to be honest almost everything related to bikes has become very difficult this spring. I tore a few ligaments in Feb in a snowboarding accident and my ankle just hasn't healed. So I've been off the bike for a while and it's getting to me.

The short version is I've decided to stop taking orders for a while. I have a huge backlog and I need to work through it. So if you inquire I'm probably going to point you to someone else. I'm still doing couplers and other jobs, but I just can't take on more frames until I get through some of my backlog.

out for now.