Friday, August 29, 2008


This one goes out to the Large Fella, since he won't get off my back about not bloging this summer...

I'm really not trying to abandon the blog, but quite honestly I haven't had the time, or more importantly the motivation due to the utter insanity of my life this summer. I won't bore you with details of that, but I think I'm getting back on track and hope to be back to the old bbbb soon.

Anyways, I am actually still making bikes and making progress. Hoping to wrap up another frame this weekend.

A few weeks ago was 8/8/08, which meant an annual party gathering (we've been doing this since 1/1/01 and only have a few more years left!). This year the plan was to camp out at Afton state park and enjoy the merriement found there. Since Afton really isn't that far from my place, I decided to do a mini-bike tour out there. Loaded up my grocery-getter bike with camping gear and headed out on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

It was a great ride out there and back the next day. The bike worked great despite the heave back-end load. I'm really loving this bike for all around transport of lots-o-stuff. At some point I'd like to build a new cruiser style frame for this application, but for now this bike works great.

In other news, I could really use raising some funds here this fall (due to the craziness of life) and I've still got a couple bikes for sale, so I thought I'd pimp 'em here again: (copied from a previous post)

Here's a fun one that's available!

BBC custom 29'er with matching S & S couplers and matching Marathon SL fork!

This bike isn't actually new, it just looks that way. I refurbed and repainted it to have as a demo bike. I suspect it'll end up at One-on-One very soon with a for-sale sign on it.

It's a 21" frame with a 23.75" effective top tube, so it's a big-person bike. I like that it's proportioned basically the same as an 18" 26" wheeled bike, in the pic it's tough to know it's a 29'er.

It's designed to do it all. Currently set up as a singlespeed, but it has a derailleur hanger and full provisions for running gears. Fits nice fat tires, the tires on there are 2.3" Panaracer Rampages!

Pretty sweet build kit on there too, if I do say so myself. Paul's brake and levers, XT spiderless singlespeed cranksetup (with spot ring), super-trick nuke-proof singelspeed wheelset with Velocity Dyad rims, Truvative Team bar and stem, Cane Creek S-6 headset, Raceface post. All the good stuff... If you're one of those folks that like those gear-changing thingy's, I can set it up with gears for you, no problem.

And the paint... It just jumps out at you in the sun light. It's a house of color green pearl over black, looks like a British racing green, but with tons of metalflake to make it pop! Chrome painted in logos and of course a stainless steel headbadge to finish it off.

This stainless lugged bike is available:
It's a 60cm seat-tube x 58 top tube. Sport-touring geometry, email for details.

Artsy seatlug shot.

I'm also wiling to sell my personal 953 road bike:

This one is a 58cm top-tube, 6 degree sloping top-tube, actual seat-tube length is 55cm due to the sloping top tube. Chainstays are 40.5cm, 73 degree parallel angles. It's pretty much a full-on road racer geometry -wise. It's built up with a full campy record 10 carbon kit, reynolds fork, post, stem and wheels. All top-notch, anyone local is welcome to take it for a spin. Email for more pictures and details. $2500 for the frame, or $5000 complete bike. It's like new.

anyways, that's all for now,