Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well, made it thought the bike expo this weekend. It was a far cry from what the organizer's claimed for attendance, but actually better than I was expecting. Met a lot of people, hopefully a few that will someday buy bikes.

Of the things that stick out in my mind, the one that surprised me the most what the sheer number of people that stopped by the booth and were genuinely shocked that I was Bob Brown. As if they assumed I have a whole brood of marketing peons whom I can send around the country to trade shows and such. It's just me, really, a one-man-show. Or maybe they were shocked that Bob Brown was manning the booth of world-famous bicycle company Bob Borown Cycles LLC:
Truth is, I do have a brood of marketing geniuses running the show for me, and here's photographic proof:
From left to right, Paul Wyganowski, Dave Anderson, and Erik Noren (peacock groove) all just hanging out in my booth. Actually, Paul and Erik were working the booth next to me and Dave stopped by to visit and helped me take down the booth (thanks Dave!). talking to Erik and Paul all weekend really got me fired up for Minnecycle 2, it's coming folks, and I'll be there. It'll be great. More info to come!

Thanks to everyone that stopped by,