Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One last time

Ok, I'm listing these here one last time, otherwise they're going on the 'bay in a week! I need to raise some cash, everything is negotiable!

BBC custom 29'er with matching S & S couplers and matching Marathon SL fork!

This bike isn't actually new, it just looks that way. I refurbed and repainted it to have as a demo bike.

It's a 21" frame with a 23.75" effective top tube, so it's a big-person bike. I like that it's proportioned basically the same as an 18" 26" wheeled bike, in the pic it's tough to know it's a 29'er.

It's designed to do it all. Currently set up as a singlespeed, but it has a derailleur hanger and full provisions for running gears. Fits nice fat tires, the tires on there are 2.3" Panaracer Rampages!

Pretty sweet build kit on there too, if I do say so myself. Paul's brake and levers, XT spiderless singlespeed cranksetup (with spot ring), super-trick nuke-proof singelspeed wheelset with Velocity Dyad rims, Truvative Team bar and stem, Cane Creek S-6 headset, Raceface post. All the good stuff... If you're one of those folks that like those gear-changing thingy's, I can set it up with gears for you, no problem.

And the paint... It just jumps out at you in the sun light. It's a house of color green pearl over black, looks like a British racing green, but with tons of metalflake to make it pop! Chrome painted in logos and of course a stainless steel headbadge to finish it off. $2600 complete as is! or I'll set it up however you like, or sell as just a frame and fork. That's a complete bike for less than the frame along would cost if you ordered it today! The wheels are for sale too, $350.

This stainless lugged bike is still available too:
It's a 60cm seat-tube x 58 top tube. Sport-touring geometry. 2 degree upslope on top-tube, 43cm chainstays, clearance for huge tires and fenders (currently has 32c tires). Campy Centaur triple build kit with Record wheels and Ultegra long reach brakes. matching lugged stem, all polished stainless lugs, truly stunning. This bike is New, the only riding it's seen are three rides by myself, less than 100 miles total. S & S couplers are polished to match the lugs. If you ordered this bike today, it would cost you about $5000 and have an 18 month wait. I'll do the complete bike for $3300, or the frame, fork, and stem for $2200. Email for more details or pics.

I'm also selling my personal 953 road bike:

This one is a 58cm top-tube, 6 degree sloping top-tube, actual seat-tube length is 55cm due to the sloping top tube. Chainstays are 40.5cm, 73 degree parallel angles. It's pretty much a full-on road racer geometry-wise. It's built up with a full Campy Record 10 carbon kit, Reynolds fork, post, stem and wheels. All top-notch, anyone local is welcome to take it for a spin. Email for more pictures and details. $2500 for the frame, or $4700 complete bike or $4000 without the wheels. It's like new. This is truly a rocket on the road. weighs 16 lbs w/o pedals!

I'm also willing to sell my fully lugged S & S road tandem if anyone is interested:

It's a 58cm x 50cm bike, 30" boom tube, fits a large variety of stoker. Captain's compartment is 58 x 58. Campy Record 9 group with Record wheels, Deep-v rims, TA Zephyr tandem cranks. This bike is as good as a tandem gets. It will be sold with a fresh repaint, in your choice of colors. Great road tandem, good for light touring too. $4000 frame and fork with your choice of paint, or $6000 for the complete bike with your choice of paint! Email for more details and pics if you're serious.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

back to the grind

Well, I'm back in St. Paul and trying to get into the swing of life again. Getting back up to speed in the shop, got 2 frames prepped for paint this week and hope to shoot 'em this weekend.

Spent a while last night rebuilding the rear wheel on the tandem from the plane ride home. I'm amazed, Northwest managed to break spokes in that wheel on both flights. They've been pretty much indestructable on the bike for years, even with 100lbs of gear on it, but give them to Northwest for a few hours and presto....

Got in a nice ride with Billy tonight down at Leb. did a couple laps of the new trails, it's pretty nice. It felt really good to get back out on a bike, it had been almost 2 months since I was on a mtb. sigh... I'm not sure if I'll really do much 'cross racing this year at all, which is remarkable for me. It's my favorite season, but I just haven't had the time to train. Maybe I'll shoot for trying to do the state champs at least.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite images from ireland. Such a bike dork...


Friday, October 10, 2008

no pics

It was wet today. I don't have time to upload pics at the internet cafe before it closes, so you'll just have to take my word. We rode quite a ways today, back to Kilarney in time to catch a bus. I did a little magic in the bus depot parking lot, packing the tandem up for the ride, got lots of looks as I put the whole thing in it's case.

The 2 hour bus ride up to Limerick ended up being 3:15 minutes! The traffic here at night is horrible.

Found some dinner at a little cellar restaurant. Food was just ok but the music was killer, Bon Jovi greatest hits played all through dinner! I don't know what it is, but it's been really consistent that they love 80's and 90's US pop rock music. everywhere.

They're kicking me out of the internet cafe, write at you later


Thursday, October 09, 2008

finally on a bike

Well, the bike made it and we're out riding the ring of Kerry. This will be a short update as I'm at the local "internet shop" which is the back room of the information center that happened to have a computer... Welcome to Caherciveen Ireland!

The first day of riding was great, sunny and warm. Surprizingly warm! So far the second day has been much more irish. We arrived at our destination soaked to the core. Still not too cold though, so that's nice.

The bike took a beating on the trip over with lots of paint damage and a couple of tubes damaged enough that I'll have to replace them when I get back. But it's still quite functional and seems to be doing alright lugging all our crap around. It feels a bit slower than I thought, but that's mostly due to my lack of riding before we left. I think we have a bit more gear than I figured too, but we're making progress!

That's all for now, but Kate uploaded more pics at her site here


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Well, day 2 in Ireland. We made it safely here, I just wish I could say the same for my luggage (which includes the bike!) Missed our flight in Newark, so somehow in switching to a later flight, my bags didn't get on the plane. As of today, the S & S case with the tandem showed up, but my other bag which has all my clothes (including raingear) and racks, bags, handlebars, etc... is still MIA.

So we're staying in Dublin until that shows, which is fine. We had planned on hanging out in Dublin for a few days, just at the end of the trip instead of the beginning...

So here are a few pics from walking the streets. Pretty overwhelming how many really neat buildings and churches there are here.

Yesterday was pretty typical weather, overcast and rainy. Not great for walking all day without any rain gear, but we managed. Today was spectacular, clear blue skies all day and nice temps in the upper 50's.
Here's a shot over the river Liffey, just looking at the typical buildings.

There are quite a few really impressive churches. Neat to tour, but kind of odd to walk into a church only to find a cash register set-up in the foyer and a full gift shop out in the sanctuary. Everything costs money in Dublin, lots of it!

Today we toured the Guiness Storehouse. The original brewery of Guiness. It was funny walking there because it's a line of people heading there, constantly. Almost all from Europe on "city break". It's a pretty neat tour and grounds, I highly recommend it. It's €15, but you do get a free pint at the end!

Sorry for the bad formatting, my text may not line up with the pics, blogger is terrible for that!

Kate enjoying her pint at the end of the tour, up in the gravity lounge atop the brewery. It's an all glass bar with a 360 view of dublin that spectacular.

A few random pictures from around town below. Lots of colourful (irish spelling) doors to brighten up the otherwise dreary landscape.

The city street has really nice colored glass hatch covers in all the sidewalks. I had to take a couple pics, they're that nice!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

change of venue

I need a change. Life has really been stressful this year and I'm long overdue for a vacation. So I'm off. destination: Ireland, Vehicle: bicycle.

I won't be answering emails or phone calls during this time. This is the first time since I started this business that I'm doing that, and I need it! So don't expect calls to be returned for a while, or emails to be answered.

That's an entire tandem minus the handlbars in a single S & S case! Bars, racks, clothes and bags are all in the other duffle. Primed for touring, won't have to stow any hardcases or luggage, it all fits on the bike!

Packing was interesting, but I think it's all there. I'm just under the weight limit on both bags, so hopefully there won't be any issues with checking them.

Anyways, it's late, I've been packing for a long time and I'm ready for bed. write at you later.