Thursday, February 16, 2017

58 cm beautiful crosser for sale!

So I posted pics of this earlier and now it's for sale.  This was a customer's bike which I was planning on keeping for myself but I've come to grips with the fact it's a little too small for me.  I knew it was but it's just sooooo pretty that I wanted to keep it!

Here's your chance to get a stainless steel lugged, S & S coupled super cool 'cross bike.  It's a 58cm square frame with pretty much straigh tup cross geometry.  73 seat angle, 72.5 head angle.  Clearance for huge tires, the photos here have 32c tires installed, I think it'll fit about a 40c.

Candy blue paint in incredible in the sun.  The paint is about a 9/10.  I can send more pics if you're serious.

Frame is dedachai zero, so it's very light.  This isn't a frame for a huge out-of-the-saddle cranker, it's definitely build for a more of a spinner as it's not the stiffest frame around.  However it's incredibly comfortable on rough roads.  I've been using it as my gravel road bike and I love it (other than it's a little short for me).  Very comfy light steel ride.

Has removable canti posts and disc mounts front and rear, so run whatever style you like.  Currently built up with Campy record 10/ Ritchey cranks, bar & post with a nice nitto stem.  I'd prefer to sell as a frame/fork, but all parts are negotiable or I can build it up with a new kit for you at great prices.

Gimme a shout if you're interested.  I'm thinking around $2000 is fair for the frame/fork.  I'd charge about $4000 for this new and you'd be waiting a year to get it.  So if this is your size, here's a great shot at a like new frame immediately.