Tuesday, December 07, 2010

buy yourself something nice...

Year end is coming and I need to clear out some stuff.

Ritchey Carbon Superlogic Evolution Bars 42cm. These are very lightly used, they look brand new other than a very small blem in the "w" of WCS as shown in the pics. Otherwise not a single nick, scuff or anything! they were used mostly for show on a race bike, but they just don't look right on my personal luged steel road bike! Steal 'em away at $160. Superlight, super comfy.

I also have a 110mm matching ritchey WCS carbon stem to go with it. $85

Campy Record cranks 175mm, used. Arms are scuffed but very functional. Rings are good. $70 takes 'em, the rings alone are worth more.

IRD Front derailleur. Brand new 31.8 clamp-on or braze on. $25

M952 XTR cranks, 175mm with 46t ring. Used, but good shape other than finish is chipped near the pedal hole. Just a cosmetic issue that's largely hidden once a pedal is installed. splines and threads are good. $65

XTR 952 46t chainring, spideless. These are getting harder to find, good condition $35

Spider for XTR m952 cranks to run non-spiderless rings. Brand new $25

Truvative Noir ring set, brand new. 44, 32, 22 104mm bcd, very nice $30

IRD Shimano 10 speed cassette 11-23, brand new. $25

Rennen singlespeed chainring 104mm bcd, 34t. Brand new, very nice $30

Sram Carbon Brake levers. These are truly like new, but have been mounted and ridden three times. Perfect, indistinguishable from new. $80

Carbon drive 50t ring, used, but tons of life left. $50

Carbon drive 20t cog with custom guide plate. Very good condition $40

Sampsom Stratics crankset and BB 175mm. These are a rare find, especially in this condition. They look like new, but are lightly used. Mirror polish finish. Includes brand new sealed BB. Shown with shimano 39 ring, can also include a matching shimano 52 ring for a nice double crank set-up. $150 You won't find another set this nice!

Race Face Deus polished in 130mm x 5 degree Brand new $25
Reynolds Ouzo Race 120mm x 5 degree black gently used $20
Cinelli Lux dark silver 90mm x 0 degree lightly used, excellent $25
Race Face Cadence 70mm x 7 degree, new $20

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Andy Stockman

Sorry to have to post this, but Andy if by any chance you read this, please give me a call. Your email address keeps bouncing and I don't have a current Phone # for you.



Sunday, September 19, 2010

40 miles.

Finally, it all came together at the right time. Right stoker+right bike+right course=podium.

Man it was a great race. Keven and I only managed to get in 3 rides together on the tandem prior to Sat, but I think we felt like we'd be alright. We both were pretty casual about the race even through the start, I don't think we figured we'd really do much out there. Particularly after finding out at the start that Schmeichel and Bergman we riding tandem as well as Sandburg and Schow. Those guys can put out some horsepower and we figured between them and the Eppins we'd be fighting for 3rd or 4th.

Right off the start I was surprised how easily the front of the pack showed up. Eppins were out front leading and we easily rode the outside edge of the pack moving up near the front. As we went into Rosie's I heard a huge gnashing of gears and saw a yellow tandem pulling off with a mechanical. Pace was pretty fast through rosies and as we started the climbs I could feel we were in a good spot, just behind the Eppins but in front of the others. Then a really unexpected sight, the Eppins on the side of the trail with a derailed timing chain, we scoot into the tandem lead.

I've never been this far up at Cheq and the pace was pretty much what I expected, fast. But we were rolling well and I felt pretty good keeping the pace. About 20 miles in I was starting to feel my quads, not bad, but enough to know I probably needed to cool things down to save some juice for firetower and beyond. Fortunately Keven still had a lot of gas in his tank, so I backed off a touch and we still maintained. About the same time the Eppins rocketed by like we were standing still. Time to get going...

We kept them in sight for quite a while, they were leading the pack in front of us for the next five miles or so. Keven kept the gas going and we kept moving well, but then we hit the mud. Things got slick and we kept moving fast, too fast. I layed it down somewhere before firetower. Full speed front wheel washout in a mud rut, suddenly there was a tree coming at us fast! We got up pretty quick, Chef was good to go, I knocked my knee pretty good on the top tube, but felt fine. The bigger problem was the awkward landing kicked my quad into cramp mode. worked on spinning it out while chef put down some good power. We played it a bit cooler on the corners from here on out.

Firetower came fast, for some reason I thought it was about 5 miles from the end but it's 10. So there we were, I'm still cramping and we hit the climb. Ran out of traction early so we got off and ran. Chef took the bike while I ran out the cramps. Amazingly it seemed to work, we ran the whole climb and I felt better by the top. The next 8 miles is big rollers and lots of climbs. We worked it well, rocking the downhills and maintaining on the climbs. Finally the last fast road section was incredible. Probably the fastest section I've ridden on tandem. We made up a lot of places and were flying by people at about 35mph. Crested Mt Telemark and flew down the final descent into Telemark. The last turn into the finish is incredibly wide, but I still had to scrub some speed to make it. Kept it going into the chute. 2:26:30. It was another 17 minutes till the next tandem. Nice riding Keven, thanks for carrying me out there!

Now let's get onto 'cross...


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

in the air

Can you smell it? That's 'cross in the air, I can feel it every night coming in the open window in my room. That means cross bikes, finishing up two this week.
2010 is looking like it's going to be a banner year for cx in MN, especially when it comes to local framebuilders. Won't say more than that, but look for awesomeness out there.

But before cross we gotta get through Chequomegon. I'm primed this year, just came back from a great race at the Dakota 5-0 labor day and I've got a hot-rod stoker for the race this year. Going big on tires this year with the 2.4 up front:With the maverick fork, it looks like I'm on a moto bike when I look down! Rawk.

And since it's been a while since I posted, here's a race recap from the Dakota 5-0: Singlespeed, singletrack heaven, bump fast decent rigid bike hell. I'll be going back, but probably with some kind of boing on my bike, my back still hurts from the rigid fork. Killer race though, do it.


Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well, Minnecycle 2 happened. For those that don't know, that's the quaint gathering of twin cities framebuilders and bike related artists to show our wares.

It was a great show, lots of bikes, lots of art, could have used a few people on Sat, but Friday night was great. Here's the pictorial:

The man that put it together:

All in all, a good time. Thanks Eric and all those that came out.


Thursday, June 24, 2010


Things have been going, and going fast around here. Lots going on, it seems I never have time to write here much but rest assured the bikes are still being made. In fact, here's one I've had under wraps:

Just finished up building a handcycle for a great customer. Now don't go thinking I'll make you one, this was a special circumstance and I have no intention of building any more. I'll try to get some pics of it tonight.

My biggest project lately is one I can't really disclose a lot about. But here's the gist. I'm working with a non-profit to design and built the protoypes of a cargo bike that will be manufactured in Tanzania. We're actually going to be building a factory over there to employ locals to produce this product for locals. The overall plan and concept is spectacularly logical, which is why I'm supporting it. Unfortunately it take a lot of my time right now, but so far it hasn't really interrupted my regular production que.

We have the first prototype just about complete now and I wish I could post pictures as it's awesome! But those will have to wait until the official release. Now in the meantime I figured I'd let you know that most of the profits generated by BBC this year will be going towards this project in one way or another. Whether it's purchasing raw materials, components, or hopefully sending me to Tanzania for product testing, your money is by in large going to support a great cause.

For more info on the non-profit, take a look here:


anyways, that's all for now


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well, made it thought the bike expo this weekend. It was a far cry from what the organizer's claimed for attendance, but actually better than I was expecting. Met a lot of people, hopefully a few that will someday buy bikes.

Of the things that stick out in my mind, the one that surprised me the most what the sheer number of people that stopped by the booth and were genuinely shocked that I was Bob Brown. As if they assumed I have a whole brood of marketing peons whom I can send around the country to trade shows and such. It's just me, really, a one-man-show. Or maybe they were shocked that Bob Brown was manning the booth of world-famous bicycle company Bob Borown Cycles LLC:
Truth is, I do have a brood of marketing geniuses running the show for me, and here's photographic proof:
From left to right, Paul Wyganowski, Dave Anderson, and Erik Noren (peacock groove) all just hanging out in my booth. Actually, Paul and Erik were working the booth next to me and Dave stopped by to visit and helped me take down the booth (thanks Dave!). talking to Erik and Paul all weekend really got me fired up for Minnecycle 2, it's coming folks, and I'll be there. It'll be great. More info to come!

Thanks to everyone that stopped by,


Monday, March 29, 2010


Got a few items that I'd like to move out, let me know if you want 'em. shipping not included.

White Brothers Rock solid 29'er fork. This is the 465mm a-c version, which fits suspension corrected 29'ers. Disc only, post mount. Steerer is 7.75" long. This is as close to brand new as you get without it being in a box. It was on a show bike, ridden about 3 times then taken off. Looks brand new other than the lawyer lips have been filed off the dropouts for easy wheel removal. It's light, 810 grams actual weight on this one! $225

Used campy record crankset. 175mm arms, 53 39 rings. Condition is clearly used, but perfectly functional. The rings have a lot of life left in them and look better than the arms. Arms are in ok shape, 100% struturally sound, but heavy shoe rub marks and some cosmetic pitting. Probably would look good with some elbow grease and a buffing wheel. How about $80, which is far less than you'd pay for chainrings for these.

Singlespeed hubset. Front is used white industries hub, 32 hole, good shape, smooth bearings. Rear is a brand new Rockworks brand hub, 32 hole shimano singlepseed cassette body. Very smooth cartridge bearing hub. How about $75 for the pair. Might be willing to separate if you only want one.

Raceface Revolution stem. 130mm x 8 degree, flippable logos, 31.8mm bar. Brand new in the box $20

IRD Alpina F triple front derailleur. Brand new, in the bag with tag on. 31.8 clamp or braze-on style, nice triple front derailleur designed for road rings. $30

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

workin it

I've been busy. finished up 2 frames this week, got another half built. Here's a little red rocket:

953 frame, everything stainless, polished everything.

The chainstays and seatstays are polished, but 953 doesn't lend itself well to polishing, hence you can see some small scratch marks. The material is just too hard to be practical when it comes to getting a true mirror finish from polishing, but it's not a bad look.

Then there's this fun singlespeed 'cross frame. It might look familiar since it has the same paint scheme as my personal cross bike.

Neat track dropouts with built in adjusters, much better looking than the Paul's dropouts. I'll be working on making some of these in stainless steel soon. I leave the dropout faces with just primer as the axle nuts tend to really gouge up these candy color paint jobs.

Chrome paint on the lugs and crown

Well, back to it. Still have lots to do.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

call me!

If your name is Bob and you live in Apple Valley and have been trying to reach me about a new frame. My phone died and with it went your number. If by chance you're reading, please give me another call.



Sunday, February 21, 2010

an extra dallop of elbow grease

Polish, polish polish. That was the order of the day. This one is going to have a lot of bling. Polished lugs, couplers, shift bosses, chainstays and seatstays. Paint coming soon!

Despite the quiet on the blog, the shop is in full business mode. 2 more frames in the works currently as well as this one. pics soon.

Monday, February 01, 2010

just because I'm not writing much...

Doesn't mean I'm not working. Just been too busy to take pics and write much. It's been S & S central around the shop lately. I think I've ordered from them every week for the last 2 months. Just finished up 2 more this week including this cute little voo-doo with a full repaint:
They've got some unique sliders they use, very functional and cool,I also had to add some adjustable disc tabs to a singlespeed frame . I machined up some nice tabs with slotted, raised faces for the caliper mount. I think it came out pretty good.

I'm also making good headway on the next 953 frame. Reynolds has eben killing me with delivery of raw material, but hopefully they've got that issue taken care of and the stainless will keep flowing. Look for pics soon.