Sunday, October 05, 2008

Well, day 2 in Ireland. We made it safely here, I just wish I could say the same for my luggage (which includes the bike!) Missed our flight in Newark, so somehow in switching to a later flight, my bags didn't get on the plane. As of today, the S & S case with the tandem showed up, but my other bag which has all my clothes (including raingear) and racks, bags, handlebars, etc... is still MIA.

So we're staying in Dublin until that shows, which is fine. We had planned on hanging out in Dublin for a few days, just at the end of the trip instead of the beginning...

So here are a few pics from walking the streets. Pretty overwhelming how many really neat buildings and churches there are here.

Yesterday was pretty typical weather, overcast and rainy. Not great for walking all day without any rain gear, but we managed. Today was spectacular, clear blue skies all day and nice temps in the upper 50's.
Here's a shot over the river Liffey, just looking at the typical buildings.

There are quite a few really impressive churches. Neat to tour, but kind of odd to walk into a church only to find a cash register set-up in the foyer and a full gift shop out in the sanctuary. Everything costs money in Dublin, lots of it!

Today we toured the Guiness Storehouse. The original brewery of Guiness. It was funny walking there because it's a line of people heading there, constantly. Almost all from Europe on "city break". It's a pretty neat tour and grounds, I highly recommend it. It's €15, but you do get a free pint at the end!

Sorry for the bad formatting, my text may not line up with the pics, blogger is terrible for that!

Kate enjoying her pint at the end of the tour, up in the gravity lounge atop the brewery. It's an all glass bar with a 360 view of dublin that spectacular.

A few random pictures from around town below. Lots of colourful (irish spelling) doors to brighten up the otherwise dreary landscape.

The city street has really nice colored glass hatch covers in all the sidewalks. I had to take a couple pics, they're that nice!

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Marco Esteban said...

I wonder if the glass in the sidewalks is for sunlight to get into the basements - like in Seattle.

Glad to see you enjoying yourself in Ireland - I'll be on the continent next week and will wave as I fly over you headed to Amsterdam on Sunday morning.