Friday, July 24, 2009

Buckin' stupid.

Everything was falling into place yesterday. Had the electrician out of my shop by 5pm, dog was fed, bike was in the car and I was heading to buck hill for some great racing action. Drove 45 min in rush hour traffic to get there just in time for a quick pre-lap on a perfect night.

But as I pulled the bike out I realized I grabbed the wrong bag of riding gear. Instead of the bag with my shoes in it, I brought a couple jackets and gloves. No shoes = no ride. Damn, all that driving fer nuttin'.

I really hate stupid people, and I hate it even more when I'm on the top of that list...

Speaking of things that drive me nuts, Reynolds is waaaaay up on that list right now. I can't seem to get 953 tubing from them to save my life. I've got 2 frames just waiting to be built if only I could get the tubes. For now I just move ahead to other work and check the door everyday for a package from England.
Finished up an 853 single road bike, just waiting to get some good pictures if we ever get a sunny day. It's got a neat Black-pearl paint job that really pop's in direct sunlight.
In the meantime I'm starting on a fully lugged S & S tandem, should be killer!


Wednesday, July 01, 2009


cleaning out the shop and I've got some more odds -n- ends knocking around...
XT spiderless singlespeed crankset:

I've got a pretty neat and rare singlespeed crank setup here. Shimano XT M750 arms with a Spot Brand spiderless 34t chainring. I think this was the one year they used the XTR spline for the rings on XT cranks. They're very lightly used, meaning I've ridden them twice. The ring has a little more use, but not much. It's in great shape, with years of life left. They take a square taper BB, which I'll include with the cranks, so you'll have everything you need for a sweet spiderless set-up. The finish on the arms is a nice match with the anno on the Spot ring. The pedals shown are not included. $150 takes it all.

RaceFare Revolution stem, brand new, in the box. Ordered the wrong size. 31.8 bar clamp,130mm length, 8 degree drop/rise, graphics are flip-able, 1.125" steerer. nice stem, just don't have a use for it. $35

Time Alium Atac pedals and cleats. They're used, but in real good shape. Tons o miles in these baby's. If I used Time pedals I'd keep 'em, but alas, my loss is your gain. $35.

Moustache bars. Man do I have moustache bars. 4 different sets, 3 bends. 2 sets of nitto, 25.4 clamp diameter, great condition, $40

One set of what look like nitto knock-offs, very nice, same bend but the stem clamp area is buldged for a smoother look than the nitto shim. 26.0 clamp, $35

One set of narrow M-bars that were OEM on the 1992 Bridgestone OX-2. These are 25.4mm clamp, and the tubing is smaller diameter to take MTB style brake and shift levers. They're really hard to come by. $50

ACS singlespeed happy meal. ACS clam 19t freewheel and silver singlespeed chain. A match made in heaven. both brand new in the box. $20

One pair of used Shimano brake levers. pretty nice, a couple scuffs but nothing major. great levers if you don't use integrated shifters. Perfect for that fixie or to go with a set of moustache bars above! $25

Also, I've got 2 brand new Avid brake rotors, a 140 and a 160 roundagon style. Several Avid disc caliper adaptors, 203 F & R, 160 F

Pretty well covers it for now. email me for details, shipping not included. Thanks,