Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here's a sneak peek at what's just about done...

Big wheels + big fork + big bike = go fast!!! ( I hope...)


Thursday, February 12, 2009


I hate anonymous bloggers.

Maybe I'm extra cranky from being sick all week, but lately these people have been getting to me. I've had several email inquiries this week alone from various people trying to figure out who certain bloggers were 'cause they wrote something that rubbed someone the wrong way...

I see more and more people writing really critical stuff about other people, but hiding behind some made-up name on blogger with no real information about them, or even a profile. You're cowards, all of you.

I have no problem with people having and expressing opinions quite different from mine, but at least own up to your opinions. I do, and yes from time to time it's caused me a lot of grief, but at least those who were pissed off knew exactly who it was that pissed 'em off.

that's all.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

not much new

It's been slow lately, I'm sick and haven't done a lot of work. Finished up some painting this weekend, including painting some panels around the S & S coupler retrofit I did last week:

I like the white with black pinstripes, it matches the lettering pretty good.

got a new bianchi Celeste paint mix from my paint guy and he did an incredible job matching the blue pearl in it. I'll post some pics soon of that one.

Also got word today that I'm officially in for Leadville this year! Guess that means I need to get that tandem frame built soon so we can start training. All the rain up here this week has pretty well decimated our snow, so I'm hoping for a warm March to start riding. Things could get ugly if it just get's cold and we have to deal with ice for another month...

I think I'll work on building up the tandem wheels while I'm sick, that's a good resting sort-of activity for me. I'm just not good at resting, even though I know it's best for me. There's just so many better things to do!