Monday, September 21, 2009

953 with paint.

Just finished the paint on this one, full stainless steel frame with stainless fork crown.

I like the blue, it adds some nice color to what otherwise tend's to be the industrial look of full 953 frames.

I finished up 4 paint jobs this weekend, talk about busy. But it's always good to get work out of the shop. I'm slowly working on catching up on my backlog of stuff from the last year of turmoil. Next up is a fully lugged tandem that the future owners have been more-than patiently waiting for.

On a totally unrelated note, I have the barter of the century for someone if they have what I want. I've got a set of nearly new Record skeleton brakes, which are fantastic brakes. Only problem is they're black and I want polished brakes on my personal bike. So if anyone out there has a set of new or like new Chorus skeleton brakes or like new old polished record brakes (the pre-skeleton style), I'll swap ya. Or I'll sell 'em straight out for $175.


Friday, September 04, 2009

picture show

Finally got my shop computer de-virused and fully operational again. So to celebrate, here's a bunch of pictures:

Here's what happens when you have too little brake pad area on your discs at Leadville. Tore 'em up good, even removed some chunks of metal from rotor! I think the race may have been a bit too much for the avids. One thing I know for sure, Avid pads are 100000% better than any aftermarket pads. Clarks's brand seem to be the bottom of the barrel. We completely burned up a set of Clark's pads in one decent. the Kool-stops made it through a few hours more, and the Avid OEM pads held up for multiple rides.

Onto new stuff, here's a 953 frame I'm finishing up right now. It's just about set for paint. This one is getting partially painted. I think it'll be a great looking bike!
All stainless with stainless couplers:

The headtube and headlugs will be painted to add some color. Fork blades will also get painted to match.

Regular 4130 fork blades though, so those need paint. Still no stainless for blade options....
Here's one I finshed up a few months ago but never posted pics of. Paint is "Black Pearl"
Sach's lugs, always nice. Double taper seatstays to keep the seatlug attachment looking good.

Rare fork crown for 24mm round blades. Looks really nice and skinny.
"B" brazed onto the brake bridge
The paint really pops in the sunlight, it's actually a rainbow effect of sparkles!