Friday, June 23, 2006

one more time

A few more things I forgot to mention in my first post today:

You might notice that I'm updating the links on the blog sidebar, I've added a few more, removed a couple, etc... Nothing too big, but you should check out the other blogs/pages over there for some good reading. If you like bikes and people who write better than me, you really owe it to yourself to read Tarik's blog, he's a funny dude who has good adventures and must always carry a camera.

I also went through up fixed what I'm sure many of you have been clammoring for, I put the correct link on my website for the current Derailleurtheband website.

Finally my thought for the day:

I was riding home last night from dinner with my back to the sunset. I love riding this way for one simple reason, I'm terribly entertained by the really long shadow of my legs while riding. It's just one of those funny things that makes me smile, if you've ever rode at sunset heading east you know what I'm talking about. Your calves look huge, knees super skinny and thighs really strong. It's like nature's caricature of what a cyclists' legs should look like. I tried to get it with my camera phone, but I was riding a fixie so I can't stop my legs from moving and the camera phone doesn't do as good with moving things, but the skinny knees still come though!

And finally, I saw this WWII poster on my friend Gordy's photosite (Gordy, hope you don't mind) and had to share 'cause it's funny. Although I wonder if they would have really used the work "ass" back in the 40's.

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Gordy said...

I don't mind!

I wish I could remember where I "borrowed" it from...