Monday, February 01, 2010

just because I'm not writing much...

Doesn't mean I'm not working. Just been too busy to take pics and write much. It's been S & S central around the shop lately. I think I've ordered from them every week for the last 2 months. Just finished up 2 more this week including this cute little voo-doo with a full repaint:
They've got some unique sliders they use, very functional and cool,I also had to add some adjustable disc tabs to a singlespeed frame . I machined up some nice tabs with slotted, raised faces for the caliper mount. I think it came out pretty good.

I'm also making good headway on the next 953 frame. Reynolds has eben killing me with delivery of raw material, but hopefully they've got that issue taken care of and the stainless will keep flowing. Look for pics soon.



HotWater said...

Hey Bob,

how much does it typically cost to put F/R disc tabs on a fork/frame? (steel of course) w/o a entire frame repaint?



louis said...

Is that split drive-side dropout going to allow for a belt?

Bob said...

Yes, this is a belt drive capable frame. Disc tabs vary as frames vary, but usually $50-100 for installation.

HotWater said...

that looks like a steamroller frame.

have you had success converting those (or similar) to 'belt-drive' capable before?

are parts available to use a standard 120mm flip/flop hub?

from the manufacturers website, it appeared you had to use a standard road or mtn spaced hub.


Bob said...

Not a steam roller, just a frame with surly dropouts, of which there are many. I can convert pretty much any frame with these dropouts to a belt drive.

The drive will work with any hub spacing, but you need a shimano spline cassette body to fit the rear cog. So if you want a fixie, you'll need to convert a regular hub to a fixed hub with the problem solvers adapter and make it 120mm.

Aaron Garrett said...


Those disc tabs look awesome!