Wednesday, March 17, 2010

workin it

I've been busy. finished up 2 frames this week, got another half built. Here's a little red rocket:

953 frame, everything stainless, polished everything.

The chainstays and seatstays are polished, but 953 doesn't lend itself well to polishing, hence you can see some small scratch marks. The material is just too hard to be practical when it comes to getting a true mirror finish from polishing, but it's not a bad look.

Then there's this fun singlespeed 'cross frame. It might look familiar since it has the same paint scheme as my personal cross bike.

Neat track dropouts with built in adjusters, much better looking than the Paul's dropouts. I'll be working on making some of these in stainless steel soon. I leave the dropout faces with just primer as the axle nuts tend to really gouge up these candy color paint jobs.

Chrome paint on the lugs and crown

Well, back to it. Still have lots to do.


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Marco Esteban said...

Beautiful work, Bob!