Saturday, September 13, 2008

big pink too

Billy, it's time. Big pink 2 is waiting for you, just need to add some tires.

For those that don't know Billy, he only rides pink bikes. He's weird that way. This one has been a long time in the making, mostly waiting for belt drive parts from Spot (which I still don't have). So we just built it up with a chain for now, till I can procure the belt parts.

Pretty darn cool little bike if you ask me, despite the paint! I did a lot of lug shaping to make the sloping top tube work with these long-shen lugs. Had to add about 10 degrees of to each upper lug in order to get the standover he needed.

anyways, I've got a lot more I'd like to get done this weekend, so write at you later.



scotterob said...

pinky lusciousness

Anonymous said...

Billy 1 Turkey 0

I am sure the Turkey will be ready for you next time. No Turkey is scared of a man on a pink ride!