Monday, December 17, 2007

Lalondage (the Marko kind!)

Snipped from the KCCX national's website, photo from action photos:

Single Speed Champ Beats Star-Studded Field

The Singlespeed race - the only non-championship event of the day - featured a star-studded field that included Travis Brown, the first-ever winner of the World Single Speed Championship (in 1999), and local favorite Cameron Chambers of Lenexa, Kan., the reigning NORBA 24-Hour Solo national champion.

But at the end of the 45-minute race, it was Marko LaLonde of Madison, Wisc., who rode away from them all - turning some of the fastest lap times the course had seen the entire event up to that point. LaLonde finished 28 seconds ahead of Brown.

Marko LaLonde of Madison, Wisc. beats a star-studded field of cyclocross single-speedsters

"The main thing was staying upright because it was so rutted," LaLonde said. "You had to stay really light on the handlebars and let the ruts take you. If you tried to fight it, you were going down."

LaLonde said he spent much of the last half of the race looking back, knowing that one mistake would open the door for someone else.

"I realized if I made a mistake, Travis (Brown) was going to catch me because he was pushing pretty hard. Toward the end, I was starting to play it safe and at least keep upright."

The website forgot to mention on other thing that you need to look through the results closely to see. Not only did Marko win the Singlespeed race by 28 seconds, he went out again that afternoon and finished 51 in the Elite Men's race. Damn!

Marko, congrats on a hell of a season! Now go get some rest, I can't wait to see all three of you brothers duke it out next year.

Big bike:

infact it's the biggest ever for me. 74cm with a sloping top tube. If you're wondering, yes those are 700c wheels with 28 c tires on them.
The headtube was so long that my headbadge looked silly on it, so I made a vertical logo to fill it up using some chrome paint!

I'm about out of time, so more later



The Donut Guy said...

I guess the obvious question tall is your client for that bike?

Anonymous said...

Donut Guy-

I've seen him...



Anonymous said...

Are those steel Profile Racing BMX cranks?

Bob said...

Yup, good eye. Profile 4130 tubular 3 piece cranks with a 110/74 spider on them. Nice and stiff for a realy strong big rider and available in lengths up to 190mm.

Anonymous said...

merry christmas bob brown