Monday, January 07, 2008

too long

Sorry, it's been a while. The holidays catch up to you and I just never got around to posting anything.

We've had great snow till yesterday and I've been trying take advantage of it as much as possible. Been skiing Battle Creek a lot and it's the best skiing I've ever done there. The volunteer groomers really deserve everyone's thanks, they're doing a hell of a job out there.

Skied yesterday with Thorny, must have been about 45 degrees, the skies were pretty well stuck to the snow, glide was non-existent. But it was still fun to be out, I just hope the warm weather leaves soon and we get a couple more inches, otherwise the season may be over soon!

Still going strong in the shop, got Billy's mtb about half done now. Coming out pretty well for a bike with some serious lug tweaking. He needed about a 15 degree slope on the top-tube, so I needed to really "adjust" the lugs to make things work. Came out great.
I'll get some more pictures up here soon.
I'm starting on another neat project as well, a stainless steel bike rack. Not a rack that mounts on a bike, but rather a rack for hanging bikes indoors. It's a project for a Mlps architect, for a new office building downtown. I'm pretty excited to see how it comes out.
Band had a good show Friday night. We played at Memory Lanes in Minnapolis. Great turn-out for us, but unfortunately they cut us pretty short, so we couldn't fully rock the place. But we'll be back there soon with a longer set, so keep your ears open.
Been playing with my new camera a little too, and with trying to get better lighting for shooting bikes. I rigged up a little light booth with an old light diffucing shade and took the pictures for an ebay auction I've got going. I think I'm starting to get better at this and hope to apply it to a bike frame soon!
write at you later

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Anonymous said...

"I just hope the warm weather leaves soon"
Watch what you wish for.....I kept the p-tex side down, but some of those corners at Wirth just put my midlife crisis in the rear view mirror.