Tuesday, January 30, 2007

picture show

less talk this time, more show. I've been crank'in, I think you'll like some pic's of recent work Click on 'em for a big photo:

Nice little sport tourer, I dig these bike a lot, and I really dig this paint.

And another 953 bike done! This one will be at the Minneapolis Bike and travel Expo March 3-4. Come on down and stop by my booth to say hi.

This one is pretty sweet, the lugs are carved up quite a bit from stock, the hidden binder seatlug was a pile of work but came out super-clean, and the polishe headbadge put's it over the top. 953 seems to be causing quite a clamor, I've had 4 inquiries about frames this week alone. Get'em while they're hot!

Incidentally, this one is a 60cm effective seat-tube, 58cm top-tube. I used a little thicker guage tubes on it due to the larger size and the hidden binder adds weight since i have to braze in solid stainless slugs into the top of each seatstay. But the frame still weighs in under 4 lbs, which isn't bad for a big frame. It'll be built up with a Reynolds fork and a record kit, should be a nice ride

Gotta run, have a headshok fork conversion to finish up, and a few forks to build, then it's back to making 29'ers.



Anonymous said...


Nice work, Bob... looks great my brother. You're takin' it to the next level.

Of course, you're also giving me an assload of ideas for my next one too. ;-)


Anonymous said...

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The Donut Guy said...

Those aren't bicycles.

It's art you can ride.

Someday I'm gonna have you make me a bike......

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, Bob. I'm glad that you like building sport-touring bikes, as that is what I am after. Looking at these photos makes me excited to be in your que.

Johnny Stash said...

that 953 is smoooooth! beautiful work bob.

Hjalti said...

Wow. just wow.

James said...

Bob, that is really some amazing work. I'm glad that Todd is getting a 953, then I'll finally get to see one up close and personal!

Say... If you ever want someone to review one, I ride a 52 or 53cm road bike and a 50cm cross bike :).

Anonymous said...

Your 953 frame is worth admission to the bike show!

See you there.

Anonymous said...

That 953 frame in particular is just stunning. I could go on but I won't. Wow.