Wednesday, February 07, 2007

buy stuff.

Things are busy as usual here. As part of the barder of the century, I just received my new (to me) Gretsch drum kit. This is in exchange for a bike frame to be named later this summer. I'm pretty excited, these things really sing. Unfortunately that puts me in the really cramped position of 2 full sets of drums and a set of cases in my basement. It's cutting in on my shop space, so things need to go.

If anyone is interested in a really nice set of mid-end drums, here you go:

New in 2002, Yamaha Stage Custom Fusion 5 piece drum set. Birch and Falkata shells, beautiful cranberry red birch finish. Toms are 10", 12", and 14" bass is 22", 14" steel snare.
The shells are nearly perfect and the Chrome is perfect. They're in exceptional condition.

Click on a pic for big.

Included are all the stock Yamaha spherical drum mounts (the best out there, really), a Yamaha 700 series stand to hang the 14" tom and a boom cymbal arm for it.
A Yamaha 700 series hi-hat stand in perfect working order, however there is a break in the base casting which has no effect on the performance of the stand.
A Ludwig straight cymbal stand, and a Ludwig snare stand.

I also have a Yamaha 700 series double bass pedal I'd consider throwing in. That would give you a complete package, just add cymbals and you're making music!
I'd like $600/obo for everything you see here, $75 for the double bass pedal.

Or I'd trade the whole shebang straight up for a 80's vintage Grestch Jasper Shell 14 x 6 (or 5.5) snare in Rosewood Gloss finish, but I'm sure that's a long shot.

Help me out, spread the word to any aspiring drummers you know. It's a fantastic sounding kit, really I think about the best you can do for under $1000. Drums new were $900.

In the bike world, I stil haven't finished putting components on the latest 953 bike, just waiting for the Reynolds fork to arrive. I'm about halfway through another route 29'er and built a couple forks. Basically finishing up many small loose-ends and trying to get ready for the Expo in March.

Thanks for all the kind words I've gotten about the latest 953 bike. That stuff really seems to be getting folks excited. I'm pretty psyched to be displaying a 953 frame at the Expo, I imagine it will be the first one most people will have seen in person.

I've also been on a kick to try and get my personal bike sup and running. It seems I've got about a half dozen bikes hanging around here in pieces and I'm tired of it. I got my sweet riser-bar RB-1 fixie back up and running this week. I love how goofy it looks, I think that is part of what makes it so fun to ride.

I suspect this bike is and will be the most ridden bike I've ever owned. It was my only road bike for a lot of years and got thousands and thousands of miles then, now as a fixie it probably still sees almost half my road miles. It just keeps going and going. Yeah, lugged steel.

Alright I'm defintely rambling now, so it's time to run.



Tarik Saleh said...

So what kind of stem is that on the rb-1?

Bob said...

It's a Titec quill steel quill stem that was repainted to match a different bike. They're erally nice stems, sadly not made anymore. Very similar to the older Bontrager Race stems.


Tarik Saleh said...

Ah yes, I bought a whole box of those at a buck a pop from titec when they discontinued them. I knew I had those stems somewhere. The color threw me off, the pinch bolt and color made me think that it might be a Kelly stem.