Tuesday, January 06, 2009

U need this

Yeah, that's right you do need this. Awesome X-C racing suit from back in the day. If you were anyone in 1992 you had one of these of the equally ugly Fischer neon racing suits. Don't be fooled by the photo, it's not blue, it's electric purple with neon pink and green accents. Hot, hot, hot.

And best of all, it's like new, I bet I wore it in 10 races total. Fits a tall skinny racer. If you wear a pair of cycling shorts under it, you could have the hottest skinsuit around, nobody will mistake you for "their" team mate by accident.

Get it before it's gone!!!!!

If that's not your style, how about a vintage Leadville 100 race jersey. Got this one the first year I did the race, but really never wore it. It's pretty much brand new, but sat in a drawer for 10 or so years. Voler club cut size large jersey. $35 for this one of a kind item!

Here's a brand new World Cycling world championship jersey. Won it at 24 hours of Afton some years back, never wore it (I haven't won the world championships yet). Pace brand jersey, size meduim, racing cut. fits like a typical med. $25

Size 44 Diadora Jalapeno shoes. Used, but not abused, great all around comfy shoe. I've got too many shoes around though. $15 takes 'em home.

Brand new Tecktro RSS6 Brakes, in the package. These are super-long reach brakes, 55-73mm. Really nicely polished, they look great. $40/set

Truvativ 48t track chainring. Brand spankin' new, 144 bcd, 1/8" width. really nice. $20

Salsa Bell Lap handlebars. Used, but good shape. 46cm width. I love the shape of these, but this pair is a touch wide for me. $20


Anonymous said...

Man, that first pic... I thought my link got screwed up and took me to the Evel Knievel museum website.

Sweet gear, think all those duds would fit me, if so... box 'em up and I'll stylez them in de PDX.

The chicks, and Mayor Frame Builders, will dig me even more.


Bob said...

if you'll wear the ski suit for the bicycling photo shoot, I'll send it to you for free!