Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wrapped up another frame this week and just about through another route 29'er. For those of you waiting, this Route bike is the first of the non-suspension corrected frames coming out. It'll be a rigid single with sliding dropouts, can also be run with gears if you're so inclined. Pic's soon.

The frame is pretty neat, using Sach's Neuvo Richie lugs. What can I say, they're pretty cool.

The casting isn't great, but they seemed to clean up well and I just needed to flow a bot more silver inside the joints to make sure they are nice and full.

I reshaped the head lugs a bit as I don't like the forward facing points on these lugs (nor on any lugs). I think that really cleans them up and makes the shape more pleasing, but that's just me.

Richard doesn't have a fork crown to match, so I had to improvise. I took one of his Newvex crowns and modified it to match the theme of the lugs.

I had to reshape the side points and then braze them together. Then I went in with the needle files and made the resultant window bigger and shaped similarly to the lugs.

It looks good together with the frame, can't wait to see it all painted up. Hopefully that will occur within the next week.
Got out for a nice ride Tuesday afternoon. Did my St. Paul mtb ride, which is basically the first 1/4 of the super-enduro route I've put together for later this summer. I managed 3 solid hours of of-road riding and I didn't leave the St. Paul city limits and I didn't double up any trails.
In other news, Beth's folks came to town to visit late last week. It was a hectic week for me. I was down in Little Rock from Sunday night-Thursday, then her folks arrived Thursday night and we were pretty much going non-stop through the weekend.
While Beth and her Mom spent most of the weekend planting things in the yard, Bob (my Father-in-law) and I added on a new section of deck to our existing deck to go around the side of the hot-tub. It was one of the small projects I just never really got around to, and it was clear that Beth thought I needed to get around to it!
Got a few trees trimmed up too and hauled off a trailer load of branches. I've got two ash trees in the back yard that appear to be slowly dying, so I keep cutting off as much of the dead wood as I can, but sooner or later they're gonna have to go.
No Buck Hill tonight, guess they figure a holiday is in order for 4th of July, maybe a nice road ride or maybe just finish up that route 29.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,
I'm starting on my own Slant Six 29r and I've been debating the ss attachment. I'm leaning towards the side tacked/scalloped method because this seems to fit a lugged bike better. I've been scouring your site to find the right view so I can get a better mental picture of how this would look with an mtb sized tire, but I haven't found the right one. Got any rear view pics of a route 29er or the 29er w/the chrome painted lugs?
Oh, thanks for the awesome crown! I'll be building it up this week.
Chauncey Matthews