Friday, June 01, 2007

good week

Well, to finish off a story started last time, all my cars are now operational and my wallet is thicker thanks to the sharp memory of a few blog readers.

The second window regulator came in 2 days after the first one was returned and amazingly it was still the wrong part! I returned that one, got my money back and looked through my Volkswagen file of paperwork. Sure enough there was a letter in there stating they had increased the span of the warranty on the front windows to 7 years. Made an appointment at the dealer that night.

I left the whole door taken apart figuring it would just save the dealer some labor. Sure enough they replaced the broken parts for free, but they refused to re-assemble the door or install the same parts in the drivers side door because I had "modified" the doors. That dumbfounded me and I had to ask what "modifications" I had done because I really didn't think this was real. My "modification" was that I replaced the stock speakers with aftermarket speakers mounted in the EXACT same position in the EXACT same stock opening. How dumb is that. Anyway, they agreed to give me the parts for the driver's side door but they just wouldn't install them. Fine.

I went home and put the passenger side door back together and everything seems to be working fine. At the end of the day, the things was fixed and I didn't have to pay anything for it. Thanks readers!

Good week story #2: My cell phone has been in need of a new battery for some time, the current one holds a charge for about 8 hours and often just goes dead spontaneously. I decided to stop by a Batteries Plus one night this week. They had one, but it was a lower capacity battery and it was $40. Seemed a little steep for a downgrade, so I walked across teh street to the Verizon store just to compare prices (usually the Verizon store is really high). They had the exact replacement for $40 (same capacity) which surprised me, so I thought I'd buy one. As the woman opens my phone to install the new one, she notices my original battery was recalled, so she just swapped in the new one for free. Nice. Then she also informs me they've upgrade the software for phone to improve reception and that I can get that done for free too. Double nice.

Good week story #3: Buck hill. Last night was my first buck hill of the year. PD set the course and what a job he did. I did 1.5 warm up laps and was kinda nervous as it seemed like a pretty killer climbing course for the big gear I was running. But once the pack rode it in one lap it was fantastic. Classic Buck hill course, big climbs, downhill singletrack, right up my alley. I was planning on a slow race, but the climbs started right away and I knew the only way to not be walking them was to get up near the front. Went out hot, trying to keep Stone Phillips in sight. First lap went pretty well. Second lap flew by and I started to get concerned because I was riding with people I hadn't been able to keep up with for about 4 years. Third lap I managed to close the gap with Stone, and ride most of that lap right behind him. Starting into lap 4 I put down my move on the first climb figuring that was my only chance to get in front of Stone. I guess it worked breifly as I did get in front if him, but about 20 feet later my left quad goes into full cramping. I'm forced to get off and hoof it up the rest fo the climb and Stone rocks by me. I got back on fast enough to keep him in my cross hairs. Rode most of the lap just off his wheel, but coming into the final singletrack he put it down full Stone Phillips style and I was outta juice. I still felt like I had a great race and I beat a lot of guys that I couldn't hope to keep up with last year, so I must be finally reaping some reward from my suffering out in Fruita! Made me feel a lot better after a fairly disappointing result at Cable.


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