Thursday, March 01, 2007

What a week. As you should know by now, the Minneapolis Bike and Travel Expo is this weekend, Sat @ Sunday at the Minnepolis Convention center. I'll be there at Booth 347 showin' off. I've been working my arse off the last few weeks trying to get ready only to find out I had to leave town this week unexpecedly.

So here I sit in the Little Rock AR airport trying like hell to get home. For those not near the middle of the US, basically there is nothing but trouble from border to border. We're in a tornado watch here in Little Rock, but I'm supposed to be getting on a plane to connect in Memphis. Memphis is in a tornado watch. If by some miracle I get to Memphis on time, I'm supposed to connect and get on a plane to Minneapolis where there are suposed to be Blizzard conditions all day. When they cancelled my original flight for this morning about 20 hours ahead of time I started feeling leary. Then the weather this morning didn't boost my confidence. I was actually thinking I'd just drive home instead this morning (it's about 12 hours which is probably faster than Northwest will be able to get me home). But then the fine folks at the weather channel informed me there was a tornado on the ground in Kansas City and if I made it through that, there was already a blizzard in Des Moine.


So I'm taking my chances with airplanes, I'm guessing I'm going to end up driving some part of this trip yet. Of course I don't have everything ready for the bike show, so when I get home I'll have to do some crazy last minute work and try to get everything loaded into the convention center tomorrow afternoon.

So if you stop by my booth, cut me a little slack. The odds aren't good that I'm going to sleep a whole lot between now and then! But it'll be worth stopping by the booth, I've stil got a lot to show.bbbb

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Anonymous said...

Loved your Blogg and the birthing pictures of the splendid tandem you are building.

A modest suggestion - it might be worth getting a pal to look at the names & label designs on your stand - the bikes are most graceful - and deserve it!