Monday, March 20, 2006


I'm feeling pretty drained right now. I've been fighting off what I thought was a cold for the last week or so. I'm starting to wonder though since the cough just isn't going away and I feel like my lungs are still full of crap. I'll give a few more days to see if things improve, but I'm getting tired of hacking all day. I felt quite a bit better on Saturday, and not bad Sunday (after a long nap), but today's not going so well. I think it might be time for another nap soon...

Due to feeling like crap, I haven't gotten any kind of exercise since the long fixie ride the previous weekend. This isn't helping my fitness kick that I was on. Usually I just keep going right through most colds, but this one seems to really be draining my energy. Maybe I'm just getting old, I dunno. Either way I'm not exactly on track for getting in shape for my upcoming trip to the Fruita fat tire festival.

I have been doing pretty good at getting stuff out of the shop lately. Both work that I've finished up, and stuff that I've sold off. That's a good feeling, I always like it when stuff leaves, one less thing to think about. I'm excited to finally get to build up the copper-plate nature bike this week (hopefully) and get that on it's way to the owner. It's been a long road, but that should be one heck of a cool bike. And I'm nearing the end of another frame for a local customer.

I also made some good interior house progress this weekend. We got the final 2 interior doors finished and hung. That probably seems like a job that should have taken an hour or two, but I actually spent most of Saturday just getting one of them up! As you may recall, we got a screaming deal on two maple flat panel interior doors, unfortunately they were not pre-hung doors, and me being dumb assumed that it wouldn't take long to make door-frames. Well, I was right, it didn't take long to make the door-frames, but it took forever to hang them and get them straight, rout out the recesses for the hinges on both the frames and the doors, drill all the holes for the doorknobs, and then actually hang the doors in the frames and re-shim to make everything straight. In the end it turned out as most of my projects seem to, I saved a bunch of money on the purchase, but ended up spending 2 days labor to make it work. But those maple doors and frames sure do look nice and we probably could not have bought what we ended up with unless we had the doors custom made for us. Pictures soon!

In other news, the band has a show this Friday night. I haven't sent out an email about it yet, but I will soon. We'll be playing at the Terminal Bar in MLPS, so come on out and get Derailled Friday. We haven't played out in a while, but we're pretty pumped up to get back to it!



The Donut Guy said...

Hey Bob, can you post a few pics of the "copper" bike before you ship it off to Scott?

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Nathan said...

FWIW, you're not alone in your misery. Fortunately for me, I'm not with ya (at least, not yet) but I know plenty who are. Feel better soon. :)

Bob said...

George, I'll put some pics up of the whole thing once it's together. Should be this week.


Gordy said...

Yo Bob,
You aren't the only one with the grippe. I just won't go away for me either. That hack just won't quit. I'm not one for OTC drugs and with a virus know their is no need for perscription drugs either. I need another ride too and have tons of winter flab to get rid of. Walking the beagle doesn't do it.

Maybe I'll ride breakfast this week? Only time and weather will tell.
Smell yah later dude!


Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and wanted to drop you a note telling you, Friend, how impressed I was with it.
I give you my best wishes for your future endeavors. Fast Rider