Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Welcome to the new Bob Brown Cycles Blog. Let's hope this one works out better than the last one.

I decided to move over to blogger after Fortune City decided to shut down it's blog service. I'm really not that upset since their software was pretty bad and they tended to fill my blog with ads. Hopefully the registration function will now work for you all as well. It seemed that about 5% of the people who tried to register with my old blog (to leave comments and be notified of new postings) actually were successful.

If you tried to register on the old one but didn't have any luck, I urge you to try it here, I think you'll have better results. I'm going to leave this pretty open, so anyone will be able to leave comments. I will be moderating though should any spam type stuff show up. If that doesn't work out, then I'll switch it over to only registered members being able to comment. Once nice thing, comments should show up right on the main page with the blog entry, no more clicking hyperlinks to see comments.

Blogger doesn't seem to have the photo album features that Fortune city had, but I didn't use that too much. I'll stick to posting pictures right on the blog rather than in an album. Not too much of a loss there.

Unfortunately due to Fortune City's sucky-ness, their software doesn't export the date from my old blog in a very user friendly format. Basicaly it's un-importable into any other blog software. However all is not lost. I've taken the HTML coding from the old blog entries and imported them into large postings here as an archive. So You will see in the recent postings link on the lower right that there are postings titled "August 2005 archive" and such. That post contains all the postings from the entire month of August. Most of the pictures survived, but not all. It's a little bit of an akward archive, but it's much better than nothing.

Well, I think I'll just start off with that. If you had a shortcut to the old blog, I recommend updating it to this address, as the old service will be shut off at the end of November.

So once again, welcome,



Anonymous said...

Yo Bob, congrats on the NEW site for your blog!!

Yeah, Fortune City is more like Torture Shitty.

Had a GREAT time with you & Beth Friday!!

How'd Sat. go? Saw that you called and I left a voice mail for you... just wanted to make sure you cats were doing good getting back to the hotel.

How'd the Injun food sit in your belly? You didn't look 100% pleased with it ;-)

Lemme know what's up...


The Donut Guy said...

I was one of those guys that could never get the registration to work on your old blog, glad to see you make the change.

Baba said...

Hi BBBB. Was that Indian or native American food?Quite a bit of difference there. Just ask Christopher Columbus.

Baba said...

Matty and I saw Ryan's 'melt down' concert at 1st Ave a year or so ago. He is quite wrapped up in himself, but is a very good song writer and prolific as hell.