Thursday, February 05, 2015

small and fat

This is somewhat of an anomaly for me, but I finished up 2 bikes this week.  One is rather small and one is rather fat:

This one is a women's lugged loaded tourer.  Lugs are custom carved with the new owner's Thistle design.  Lots of sweeping curves makes for a pretty nice looking frame.  The couplers in curved tubes were difficult but came out very nice.

Then there's this fat guy:

 Lots of curvy tube goodness on this frame.  The paint is icy white with some winter theme touches.

This is the magical part.  This fat bike doesn't have the typical 100mm super-wide BB and cranks.  It has a 73mm bb shell and uses a standard Sram X1 crank, but I did some custom work on the crank to move the ring outboard.  With a single front ring and the appropriate engineering, this bike fits a 4" tire and has a q-factor of 168mm!

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