Wednesday, September 19, 2012

more sale'in

Ok, here's a few more things. Click any pic for enlargement. You know you've always wanted to try a belt drive, here's your chance:  Combine stuff and make me an offer!

Assorted used Gates Carbon drive cogs: 20,22,25,28t.   The 20 and 25 have machined belt guide back plates too.  $30 ea, or all for $100

Sugino 170mm crank with 46t Carbon drive ring.  Good shape, $75 complete, or $35 for the cranks and $40 for the ring

Brand new 118t belt $40

Used 118t & 113t belts.  Both in good shape with lots of life left.  Still have most of the blue covering on the teeth. Both have less than 10 rides on them.  $25 ea

Sram GPX BB cups and bearings.  Brand new in the package $25

King Fun Bolts, turn that rear hub into a bomber singlespeed.  I think they were used, but look new to me. Titanium and aluminum $20

Xpedo mtn pedals, used but bearings are smooth and nice.  Very light $35

1 Pair of Panaracer T-serv tires, 700c x 35 mm, Brand new, never mounted.  $50/pair

 Stans's The Crow 29'er tires.  They're used but hardly.  They were stans'd so there's a little goo remnant inside but ready to rock the hardpack trails.  You'll love how fast these things climb!  $35/pair

Genetic 100mm threadless stem.  1 1/8" x 31.8 bar.  Includes shims for 26.0 bar.  Brand new in the box.  Kind of unique, give you the look of a traditional stem without a big stack of spacers.  $25

Salsa Bell lap bars.  Cross is here, you know you need 'em.  Used, 42cm $20

Mustache bars, not nitto but very similar bend and nicely finished.  They take road brake levers, the Ultegra's below would be perfect! 25.4mm stem $25

Super Rare!!!!!  Mustache bars from the Bridgestone XO-2.  These are a little different from most.  They're smaller diameter so they take mtn bike brake levers positioned on the straight ends.  25,4mm stem  $40

Race face dues polished stem.  120mm x 5 degree.  $20

Ultegra 600 non-aero brake levers in really nice shape!  $25

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