Sunday, October 30, 2011

get fit!

For anyone curious, the 953 road frame is still available, and if you're interested, but don't like the subtle etched logos, I can also update it with my Team-issue decals (orange panels).

I've also got a brand new Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer (in the box) with the pivoting front wheel stand as well.  I bought it last year, but never used it (i'd rather be out xc-skiing) and it's just collecting dust.  These are about as good as a trainer gets, the Rock and roll let's you get out of the saddle and rock the bike on the trainer.
$375 take it home.  This one is probably best for local pick-up, but I can ship it if you like.

And if anyone local is interested I've got a Nordic Track ski machine that's free to a good home.  Works great.

Just in time for winter!



Anonymous said...

The inventor of the Nordic Track just died today--double the price.

Bob said...

Done, the nordic track is now twice as free to anyone who want's it!!