Friday, October 23, 2009


Went to the Leadville flick last night. It was good, the footage was pretty spectacular and I'll probably buy the dvd, but there was about 1 sec total coverage of tandems. In the first 15 minutes of the actual race coverage there was a quick shot of us climbing St. Kevens. That was it for the entire movie. I was pretty surprized that a film highlighting how grueling the event really is didn't even mention those of us dumb enough to make it even harder by riding tandem.

Still worth seeing if you can.



Anonymous said...

It was OK - glad they made it and all but WAY too much Lance. And what was up with the PANEL DISCUSSION. Sheesh. Not a word about Wiens stopping to put on winter weight gloves at Twin Lakes because his hands were gone or Tinker having to drop because of a broken seat clamp, etc. etc.

Still cool to see all the great scenery tho

- Roger Ebert

Anonymous said...

Panel Discussion Highlight:

Bald guy: So, Travis - I see you were riding a 29er out there...

Travis Brown: er - It was actually a 26er. It had drop bars.

Bob said...

That was a great moment. It was too much of a Lance-umentary, but good scenery.

It did document the difference between Weins and Lance. Dave would thank the volunteers, fans, etc.. at the stops, Lance crossed the finish line and headed right off to his ivory tower to make sure he didn't have to mingle with the proletariat. Same thing at the pre-race meeting, Lance blew off even showing up, which Dave thanked everyone for putting on the race.

T-Da said...

I...unbelievably, thought that was you!

Def said...

Yeah, I thought I saw you.

Next time pour your heart out to the film crew for your own segment.