Monday, June 01, 2009

new month, new post

Yeah, finally a new post here. I just haven't been spending a lot of time time in the shop lately, so I haven't had much bike-wise to write about. I was on the road a bit in May including a 5 day mini vacation to Clearwater Beach. I guess I just needed to get away for a while.

The beach was great, but the rental bikes we were able to find were crap. They had exactly 1 size available. I'm 6'-1" and my sweetie is 5'-2", she fit on these bikes, you can imagine what kind of circus act I looked on them. I should have brought a bike I guess, oh well.

We've been getting out as much as possible on the tandems to try and get some Leadville training in, but I'm getting a little worried. We really need to start upping the ante on training if we're going to finish (note: my thoughts have now gone from the first tandem team to get the big buckle to just getting a silver buckle...). On the plus side, I think we're a great team for climbing. We've been hitting a lot of hills on the road tandem and I think Robin is the best stocker I've ever had for climbing, which will come in handy out west!

The 953 for my next frame in line should be showing up any day. Reynolds still has a 6 week min wait on that stuff, but that's can easily be planned around.

I completed what constitutes an "overhaul" (in my mind) on my fixie this week too. Replaced the tires, cleaned it up and cleaned the chain. feels like a new bike! I'm going to try and get out on a coupld rides this week and then hit Buck hill Thursday. I made the first Buck hill race of the season despite not realyl being in any kind of racing shape. It went better than expected, finishing pretty much in the middle of the expert field. That race went well until I completely popped in the last lap. I'm aiming to avoid a repeat of that this week.


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Sabrosa Cycles said...

BB- I ride a bunch with the folks that finished 1st in the Tandem class last year in leadville and they are some good people. I'll have them keep an eye out for you and the lady friend this year. I, unfortunately, did not make the lottery this year. It is sort of bitter sweet.
Take care.