Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well, here's some better pictures of the new tandem. With the 65 degree weather here yesterday I was really itchin to take it for a spin, but the trails still have a ways to go before they're dry.

Big wheels! 29" set-up with the maverick DUC 29'er fork, king hubs, dt rims. nice.

The paint is a very metallic candy orange. Called Mandarin orange, and that's a pretty good description. Pictures don't do it justices though. Just about all the tubing is ovalized, so it looks think in the pictures, but you're looking at the skinny end of the oval.

Used my old Ritchey tandem cranks, just too hard to find anything better. I really like these, especially compared to dropping the money for either a new Middleburn set of the Davinci cranks (which would be my next choices).
I did a little ride down the street solo yesterday and I'm not sure if I'll like the avid cable discs. Even with the 203mm rotor they don't feel as powerful as my hydraulics with 185 rotors. I've still got the Hope hydraulic's as back-up, but I was hoping to avoid the hassle of those. They're a real pain to adjust and don't like to stay silent for long after adjustments.
The bike feels really good when I'm on it, but I haven't taken it for a real off-road ride yet, but I think it's going to be great.


Anonymous said...


That's the most non-sissified two-seater I've ever seen.

Beautiful BBBB.

Great kolor too.

Bring it to PDX and we'll roll around, and throw Molotov cocktails @ all the Fixie-Fashionista.


Baba said...

I call shotgun!! I saw it today and it is a work of art. One of the most beautiful frames I've seen from the ultra secret BB bunker.

Head Honcho said...

Try changing the rotors to the G3 or Clean sweep. I've never had much love for the roundagon design, and that is just on a single.

Head Honcho said...

Oh, and sweet, sweet looking ride. Beautiful work as always BBBB

Bob said...

The brake seem to be "brakin" in pretty good now, after some time actually riding them, they might work out. I'll probably switch rotors still and see if that makes an improvement. thanks for the tip.