Wednesday, December 03, 2008

a month later...

Yeah, I know it's been over a month since I wrote here. What can I say, I'm swamped with life right now. I have been getting back in the shop here and there to try and get some work done. Here's proof positive:

Just finished assemblying it last week, really neat singlespeed commutter. Nuevo Richie lugs with cream fills, Moltini Orange paint. really sharp. Phil/dt wheels, Sram Omnium cranks (which I'm really diggin'), shimano long reach brakes, nitto post and stem. All around great stuff for a classy bike.

I've been shipping a lot too. Sold two road frames, just shipped out my 953 frame this week too:

I'm sad to see it go, but it's going to a good home. I'll just have to build myself a new road bike sometime next year, for the meantime I'm down to just the fixie for my road steed, which is fine. I really don't ride much other than fixies anyhow, I think this bike only got about 5 rides total in 2008!

And a little something for the most patient man on earth, Nathan I'm almost done with your chainguard. Here's a shot of it in process:

It'a actually all brazed up and I'm just finishing the clean-up now. 100% stainless this time and built from thicker sheet stock. I will have your bike back to you soon!

I'm still in a selling mode and I'm working on taking pics of the huge stash of parts I'll be selling off. The Green 29'er is the only bike I've got left to sell right now and it'll be going on ebay unless someone want's to snatch it up for a great christmas gift! So watch here for lots more stuff. Sorry to be posting so many things for sale and not writing much about building bikes, but clearing stuff out of the shop has been my main priority for a little while. I'm still in a cash-raising frame of mind.


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