Monday, January 30, 2006

Where do I start?

I've had so little time to write here that I tend to forget all the good stuff I want to write. I have things I make mental notes of everyday that I want to talk about, then I don't get around to it and forget...

So I guess I'll ramble on about whatever I can manage to remember today.

Busy weekend, but the good kind of busy. I worked in the shop most of the weekend. I'm closing in on another frame, which feels great. But there are a few items that will be really custom on this one, so that will take some extra time. I'm going to try and fabricate a custom chain guard for it at the owners request. That will be a fun challenge and if there's one thing I like more than anything it's a challenge.

It seems like this time of year really brings the repaints out of the woodwork. I had two more frames dropped off for repaints this weekend and about 5 inquiries this week. All it takes is one week of warm weather (even if it's in Jan in Minnesota) and everyone starts thinking about spring riding. I have 6 frames waiting in the shop right now for paint and I suspect more will be coming soon. The problem is I really don't feel like doing repaints right now, I don't like painting that much compared to building frames. So what does this all mean????

Time to raise my re-painting prices! I raised my prices significantly last year in an attempt to reduce my painting workload (I mean really, if I don't enjoy it that much why shouldn't I make more money off it?). I've hit that same point, but the work doesn't seem to be slowing as much as I hoped so I think they're going to go up a little more. I'm also going to try and publish a form on-line with itemized charges for paint items so people can see why what they think is a simple paintjob adds up to $500 so quickly.

The good news is some of the more ridiclous requests have slowed down (at least for now). I used to get people wanting $2-300 repaints on frames that honestly we not worth $50. I'd try to explain that, but it usually fell on deaf ears. Now that most paint jobs seem to price out around $400 I seem to be getting less of those.

Ok let's change subject and talk about our crappy weather. Saturday it poured rain here all day, so much for any kind of ski base. Between the three days of 45+ degree temps and the rain, that pretty well did in all our snow. I wouldnt' mind that so much if it weren't for that fact that it's only Jan and this is MN. It's not going to stay warm for a few more months, so now we'll be left with cold barren earth for a while. No skiing, probably to cold to want to ride. That sucks. Guess I'll have to try and work-out indoors a little, gotta get in shape for the Kenwood trip to Fruita in April!


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