Tuesday, December 06, 2005

2 in 1

Two posts in one day, how lucky are you readers!

this one is quick, but very important. There is a final meeting of the Minneapolis Park Board committee on determining the fate of the mountain biking experiment in Wirth park. If you like to ride there please try to go, more bodies = more support.

Here are the details:

Wednesday December 7, 2005
Minneapolis Park and Rec HQ's 5 - 7 PM
Board Room Suite 255
2117 West River Road, Minneapolis

Regretably I have a work commitment that night, so I can't make it, please someone take my place, or better yet, 10 people take my place!



Baba said...

You can put this one in the win column. We are in the system as a viable user group. They can't (hopefully) unilaterally deny us access anymore. That was the most important factor in this whole discussion. I got really mad when they decided to arbitrarily deny us access to the area behind the wildflower gardens, so that they could run their dogs loose. That has been rectified, and now we can go on with the long range plans. YeeeHaah!!!!!

Bob said...

baba, that's great. Sorry I couldn't make the meeting, but I'm thrilled of the outcome.

Congrats to you and to Moca, thanks for all the work